Design of Business-Specific Software



Insurance-affiliated Building Services company had outgrown existing systems and wanted to extend current back office processes into the field. The highly specific industry requirements meant that bespoke design was required.

Solution Delivery

  • Defined and documented current state processes, creating an end-to-end flow from new job receipt through to billing and supplier payment.
  • Several key stakeholders were involved in the creation of the future vision and needed to contribute to the final result.
  • Future State processes were defined and mapped, combining the results of the current state process as well as future business needs.
  • The Future State processes were extended to produce a document the Building Services company could go to market with, allowing them to select the right solution provider.


  • The customer has a clear mobile field solution strategy, that will efficiently slot in with the new back office processes.
  • The solution requirements document allows both the customer and their prospective vendor to avoid any misunderstandings and miscommunications regarding functional needs and their potential business impact.