Service Business Alignment

Man with Heavy WorkloadObjective

Large national service business with multiple locations ran each office as though they were a distinct business. A shift in strategy determined that these locations had to change to operate as one consistent, consolidated group.

Solution Delivery

  • Each location was given the opportunity to “state their case” through a process mapping exercise.
  • Unique needs were discussed, reviewed and investigated in order to “determine specialness”, as well as if the process was critical to customer service delivery.
  • Key customer requirements were collated and consolidated.
  • The multiple current process state maps were combined into one common future state process.


  • Analysis of the multiple current state process maps revealed that most of the location’s unique and “special” requirements had elements of similarity. Genuine unique customer needs were able to be highlighted and compared.
  • For the first time the business had a clear view of the service operations across all locations and a way forward to roll out the future state processes.
  • The consistency of process and data offers ease of measurement and comparison of Service performance across the business.