Why Alchemy?

The original Alchemists were interested in transformation – of people, of objects, of life. Everyone knows the stereotype of turning lead into gold… But fundamentally, they were focused on different forms of change and how to effect them, using a combination of scientific skills and human understanding to do it. They recognised that theory was nothing without comprehending the nature of the subject you’re applying that to.

In the rational, often impersonal, business world that we live in, we sometimes forget that connection. It’s too easy to reduce business process to just being a series of scientifically or academically correct set of documents and protocols. It’s too easy to forget that people are the heart of any business process and therefore any business change. The process and the people need to match in order for your business to truly integrate and accept change.

There’s a large, untapped potential within businesses, both in IT systems and in people. We want your IT systems and people to fit together efficiently to create value for your business.

By understanding your current systems and processes, we can give you a clear picture of your best path forward, through encouraging skills growth in staff, major system change or simply using what you have more effectively.

We can help you achieve your business IT transformation, whatever it might be.